Mario Benevides' current and former students

Current students

Former students

  • Ph.D. students
    • Paulo F. Pires, "WEBTRANSACT: A Framework for Specifying and Coordinating Reliable Web Services Compositions ", 2002.
    • Vania Costa, "A Two-Dimensional Modal Logic for Knowledge Representation in Multi-Agent Distributed Systems", 2002.
    • Renata Pereira Freitas, "Fork Modal Logic", 2002.
    • Vera Lucia PrudĂȘncia dos Santos, "Concurrency and Synchronisation for Process Propositional Dynamic Logic", 2005.
    • Carla A. D. M. Delgado, "Modelling and Verifying Epstemic Properties in Multi-Agent Systems", 2007.
  • MSc. students
    • Odinaldo Rodrigues, "PROMAL: Modal Action PROLOG and Belief Revision in Pseudo-Definte Sets", 1993.
    • Marcelo Sihman, "Deadlock Detection in Algebraic Specifications for Concurrent Systems", 1998.
    • Carla A. D. M. Delgado, "Reasoning about Events and Knowledge in Distributed Systems", 2001.
    • Michel A. Carlini, "Specification of Knowledge Based Multi-agent Systems", 2002.
    • Marcelle Camara de Souza, "Modal Logic and Verification of Message-Passing Systems", 2002.
    • Ricardo Pires Mesquita, "PROCALCULUS: Logic Programming and Process Algebras", 2003.
    • Lorena Sophia Campos de Oliveira, "Specification of Educational Software using Diaologues Logic and Multi-Agent Systems Based in Knowledge", 2004.
    • Ricardo Fernandes Ribeiro, "Logic Programming in Extensive Games", 2005.
    • Paulo Coelho Ventura Pinto, "Modal Tableaux Method for Epistemic Logic with Common Knowledge Operator", 2005.
    • Luis Roberto Medeiros Lopes, "MAPKAT: A Logical Framework for Multi-Agent Planning", 2006.
    • Daniel Levitan, "Algorithms for Finding Equilibrium in Games Based on Graphs", 2007.

Last updated: May 2008.